I’m a free spirit; a style risk-taker; on-the-go and of-the-moment; fearless, full of life and a wanderlusting lover. Most of my free time I spend in the mountains and as often as possible in the nature. Together with my husband, my daughters and our dog Sunny del Mar I travel a lot.

To capture the real life is one of my greatest passions and the ability to live my passion is a wonderful adventure and gift for me. I love to see the big wide world with all surprises, emotions and unique experiences through my camera lens to precisely pick out and photograph those details that make life so special, and finally pack them into a very personal story.

Celebrate your wedding! This is a whole day full of magic moments. That is the gleam in your eyes that makes this day so special. It is his special glance at her when she walks towards him with her wedding dress. It is this smile after the bridal pair has put on their rings. It is this one kiss which is going to connect them forever. These are the small moments that make this one day a very special day and I love to capture these moments – make them unforgettable.

Because the best stories are written by life and love, there is nothing more beautiful and exciting for me than to perpetuate these particular stories in my photographs. If you want to save those special moments for the rest of your life, just send me an email. I’m looking forward to tell you a very unique story with my pictures.

Pictures © Dylan & Sara Photography

FEATURES & Publications
  • FEATURES & Publications

  • Some of the blogs & media, I've been published:
  • Rock'n Roll Bride (UK)
    Magnolia Rouge (NZ)
    Hochzeitswahn (DE)
    Hochzeitsquide (AUT)
    Heidi liebt Peter (DE)
    Carmencita Film Lab (ES)
    UK Film Lab (UK)
    The Fernweh Collective (DE)
    marryMag ( Magazin)
    Fernwehosophy Mag#2 (Magazin)
    Heiraten in Oberösterreich (Magazin)
    Heiraten in Salzburg (Magazin)
    Heiraten in Kärnten (Magazin)
    Moments (Magazin)

  • Exhibitions

  • My artistic work has been shown here:
  • 2008 / CZ
    Czesky Krumlov - Pozadi, Dahinter, Behind
    2008 / Gmunden
    Czesky Krumlov - Pozadi, Dahinter, Behind
    2010 / Landesbibliothek Linz
    Jubilare, Lichtbilder zu gefeierten Literaten
    2012 / Tabakfabrik
    Ausstellung Works
    2014 / Markthalle Altstadt Linz
    100 Frauen - 1 Kunstwerk

Travel dates 2020
  • Travel dates 2020

  • Available for shootings, coffee or others